Exporting can be critical to help a business grow and diversify their clients, which is why the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) offers resources for businesses who are interested in exporting.

In partnership with VEDP, we have developed the below questions and answers to help businesses interested in exporting.

What is an export?

Any item that is sent from the U.S. to a foreign destination is considered an export, including commodities, software and technology. Any company that is exporting is required to comply with U.S. export control laws.

What are the regulations for exporting?

VEDP has prepared an Exporting 101 Guide to Export Regulations to help Virginia businesses learn more about how to comply with these regulations.

How can I learn how to pitch my business online?

Earlier this year, VEDP’s International Trade team hosted a three-part webinar training series on sales and communications, designed to help you perfect your virtual presentation, communication and sales pitch skills. The series addressed how to adapt your approach to sales and communicating your company’s value proposition in the new world of virtual meetings. The recordings can be accessed for free by clicking here.

Where can I learn about supply chain management?

In Virginia, 86% of businesses that engage in international trade depend on imports of intermediate goods. VEDP’s Guide to Supply Chain Management and Importing covers the basics of importing, focusing on the essential role of imports, compliance and foreign trade zones. The guide also contains a comprehensive list of professional service providers, education opportunities, networking events and online resources to assist Virginia businesses in optimizing their supply chains and importing.

How can my business get involved?

VEDP leads trade missions throughout the year. In the last two months, VEDP led virtual trade missions to Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Colombia. Virginia businesses can register for other VEDP trade missions and trade shows that are scheduled for later this year. To view the full list of upcoming international trade missions and trade shows, please visit: https://exportvirginia.org/

Additional services from VEDP for exporting may be viewed online.