May 2023 “Cybersecurity for Home-based Businesses” Webinar Resources

Speaker: Greg Tomchick with Valor Cybersecurity

Presentation Slides

Cybersecurity for Home-based Businesses

“Cyber-Protecting Your Business in 2023: The Shifting Sands of Cybercrime” presentation slides

Password Manager

Cybersecurity for Home-based Businesses, Password manager service to securely store and share passwords from any device

April 2023 “Podcasting Ins & Outs” Webinar Resources

Speaker: Gretchen Bedell with Odd Moxie

General Resources

Podcasting Ins & Outs To find out if someone is using a particular name in social or URL. Free tool to help you track your time, even across clients and projects.

Audio Editors

Podcasting Ins & Outs Sound editor/creator for Apple folks. Free, open source, audio software. Zoom’s response to podcasting.

Podcast Learning

Podcasting Ins & Outs Helpful info here, they’ve got lots of it.  It is part of an inbound funnel, they want you to use their service.  Full of audio journalism tips, references, and advice.  Everything from how to handle sensitive topics, to sanitizing your gear, to how to use a mic. Monetizing your Podcast on Spotify.

Royalty-Free Music & Sound Files

Podcasting Ins & Outs Higher quality or length music can cost more, but there’s a ton at lower price levels.  Check out the rest of the Envato Market for stock video, graphics, or templates. References are about half way down the page, and give a good introduction.


Gloucester – Amanda Ridings, or (804) 693-1415
Hampton – Dan Girouard, or (757) 728-5169
James City County – Chris Johnson, or (757) 253-6690
Newport News – Jameson LeClair, (757) 597-2840, Ext. 401
Poquoson – Charity Gavaza, or (757) 868-5314
Williamsburg – Joanna Skrabala, or (757) 220-6129
York County – Matt Johnson, or (757) 890-3317